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The brick walls are there for a reason, and they are not to keep you out, they are there to keep out those who don't want it badly enough



Time and again, I have been asked the quintessential question – “My profile is bla bla..GMAT score ###, Can I get into X Y Z schools?” Yes, you got that right – profile evaluation.  Frankly, there is no correct answer to that question. We have seen several students who have been anomalies to a defined candidate type for select schools such as Harvard, INSEAD, etc.


Having said that, like any good army general, we guide you to approach your applications with the right strategy and tact. We help you identify the schools – based on your profile, personality type, career goals, etc. Based on our experience, we are more than happy to help you validate your school choice. Like they say, timing is everything and if you have strategized your application aptly, you will time all your actions correctly.

Essay Editing

The part most dreaded by candidates (unless those who are good with the pen), are the essays and the CV. We know it seems like a daunting task – where to start, what to say, what parts to leave out, what kind of language, should I mention what I did 10 years ago? The questions are endless.


Fear not, we are here.


The application in the form of essays, is nothing but your life story. It is not a made up account which needs to be researched. You already know the answers. We not only help you identify the right stories, we make sure that you have told it such that no one can tell it as well as you have.

Interview Prep

Once you make it to the interview stage, you have to “wow” the interviewers. There are several ingredients that go to build a great interview. 

We will help you to strength your strengths and fill in the gaps with the missing ingredients.

Career Counselling


Counselling a.k.a Profile Building

Many of us start dreaming of b-schools long before we start applying. With plethora of available options, and gigabytes of data being thrown in our face via social networks – we more confused than ever for choices. We end up relying on our peer group or parents to choose career paths. Yet we wonder, if we are making the right decisions.

Given our decades of experience, we offer you unbiased opinions and guidance. You might also discover newer ways of achieving your goals. 

We can help you evaluate your choices based on what you have done so far, and what you can do over the next several months or year(s) to build your profile such that it makes a strong application for the future. We will help you create the best CV aligned to your target destination.

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