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  • Kanika R

You Bagged the Interview, Now What?

Well, for starters congratulations! You have been successful in standing out of heaps of applications which top business schools receive from candidates all across the world. Believe me, it is no small feat!

But now what?

Well if you have come this far, I’d say you did something right. You have managed to impress the ad com with your profile stats and put together decently good essays with or without professional help. But, you still have to reach the finish line! The worst thing you can do is to get complacent at this stage.

I have come across tons of candidates who just do not take their interviews seriously. It hurts me to think that just because they have come this far, they think they have already made it.

Please prep!!

That is my single-best advice to you at this stage.

Be thorough with your application like the back of your hand. Chances are that if you wrote it yourself, you would be; but there is no harm in being EXTRA thorough. Make sure you can talk about any story, project, idea or thought that is in your application confidently and realistically.

Prepare your stories. Thoughtfully identify a handful of good stories from your personal and professional life that can be used to answer interview questions (you can easily find them online). More often than not, the same story can be used to answer a whole variety of questions.

Practise! Practise! Practise! #mockinterviews

Mock interviews like mock tests give a pretty good experience of how you would perform on the interview day. They give you a good sense of how well you know your application, how articulate you are and your areas of improvement. I come across candidates who haven’t practised their interviews, mainly because a) they did not have anyone to practise with, b) they were not comfortable practising with their friends/family c) they feel they know the answers and that's good enough.

Sadly, without mock interviews you stand nowhere!

Leave no stone unturned: Use professional help!

I do not discount practising mock interviews with people around you; it would give you some practise – which is better than no practice at all. But unless these people have gone through b-school interviews, it won’t matter much.

You have to understand that you are now competing with crème-la-crème, so the competition is tougher. While a misstep can put you in the reject pile, a strong interview can actually cover up anything lacking in your application.

For this reason, I would strongly recommend, use professional help. If you don’t and you miss the cut by a sliver, the price of regret will be too much to bear.

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